Based in Doha, naufar is a groundbreaking new sanctuary for wellness and treatment of substance use and related behavioral disorders. naufar is a purpose-built facility that includes 127 residential rooms together with clinics and over 50 individual and group treatment / therapy rooms. Care is provided by experts in mental health, physical health, occupational health, and addiction. Through medically-led multidisciplinary teams that address the neurobiological basis of addiction, the Patients’ relationship with their family, their work, and common co-occurring areas of concern in addiction including chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and trauma. Residential and non-residential programmes, assessment services, individualised treatment, and community awareness programmes are part of the offered services.

Wellness and hospitality are intricately integrated with the provision of care and is designed to attract, engage and retain patients. A key objective of hospitality is to cultivate stimulating environments that support well-being and motivation to change and grow. Wellness addresses the whole person – emotional, physical, social, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, financial and environmental. Wellness serves to unify the process of care offered by naufar whilst adding to the assessment of quality of care provided
naufar’s Patient-centred model is informed by a comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment of the individual’s own immediate supportive care requirements, plus their short- and long-term aspirational goals. The Patient’s care journey is continually directed towards health and evolving wellness.

At naufar, our mission is to assist people with behavioural disorders to achieve and sustain the quality of life they aspire for, in a healing environment using evidence based practices. The facility operates under the auspices of the Qatar Ministry of Public Health. For more information and a virtual tour, please visit naufar online at www.naufar.com