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The World Health Organization (WHO), the International Council of Nurses (ICN), and public health institutions worldwide recognized nursing and midwifery as one of the pillars of healthcare. Internationally and in Arab countries, nurses and midwives are a major force in the health ecosystem.

Globally, the health ecosystem has been affected by major events, and is likely to face future challenges. In response to these challenges, nurses and midwives have played a major role in remarkable healthcare transformation and innovation, advancing practice, and sharing knowledge for others to learn from and adopt. Strengthening the domains of clinical practice, education, research, and leadership, will empower nurses and midwives to continue to face and overcome healthcare challenges.

The ICN theme, “A Voice to Lead”, calls for nurses to be more active and vocal in policy development and implementation. In 2022, for the first time, Qatar is bringing together 22 Arab countries to engage in a virtual event that serves as a springboard for raising the visibility of Arab nursing and midwifery care and to inspire and advance professional practice, within the region and beyond.

Every nurse or midwife caring for a patient, a family or a community has a story to tell. The Arab Nurses and Midwives Day 2022 is an opportunity to hear those stories, to listen, learn and grow together as a vital component of the greater health ecosystem. Let this be the platform for that collective voice.

We are ready for you!

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