1 - 6 pm.

Day 1: Thursday March 17, 2022

1.30 pm - 3..15 pm


3.25 pm - 3.50 pm


Holy Quran Recitation
Mr. Hafeez ur Rehman Hashmi

Welcome and Scientific Program
Dr. Ghulam Syed

Co-organizer Gulf NM Society Leadership
Dr. Refat Mazrou

A tribute to Dr. Husain Abdel Dayem
Dr. Abdul Rahim Ismail Al Suhaili

Co-organizer MEFOMP Leadership
Dr. Huda Al Naemi

Formal Inauguration

3.50 pm - 5..45pm.

Plenary Session I: New Directions in MINM

Moderator: Dr. Masoud Garashi, Dr. R Ganatra

3.50 pm - 4.15 pm

Setting up a cardiac PET/CT program: some things I have learned
Prof. T Bateman

4.15 pm - 4.40 pm

Going forward with Theranostics: More questions than answers?
Prof. K Hermann

4.40 pm - 5.05 pm

Nuclear Medicine: What have we done! What can we do!
Prof. J Bomanji

5.05 pm - 5.30 pm

PET/CT & PET/MRI Where CT and MR has advantage?
Prof. von Schulthess

5.30pm - 5.50 pm

Panel Discussion All

5.50 pm - 6.30 pm

Welcome Reception