Chairman’s Message
10th Surgical Research and Innovation Ideas Al Baghdadi Symposium 2019

Excellent research needs to be built on a foundation of equally excellent clinical practice, and this is crucial if we are to tackle the increasing burden on healthcare in Qatar. Delivery of the best care is always guided by the latest research breakthroughs as clinical research and treatment are not separate, but symbiotically linked. By integrating clinical care, research and education in HMC’s journey towards achieving a world class ‘Academic Health System’ status, we can build a solid foundation of existing core research facilities and highlight some unique opportunities for Qatar to become a world leader in healthcare delivery.

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Abd Al-Latif Al-Baghdadi

Abd al-Latif al-Baghdadi was a physician, historian, Egyptologist and traveler, and one of the most voluminous writers of the Near East in his time. He was a philosopher and polymath who lived between the Second Crusade (1147–1149 AD) and the end of the Fifth Crusade (1217–1231 AD). He was born in Baghdad in 1162 and died there on 9 November 1231 after a pilgrimage of more than forty years during which he travelled throughout Iraq, Syria and Egypt looking for a good teacher in philosophy. He grew up in a Shafi‘i family with excellent links with the Nizamiyya madrasa and he received a solid education in Islamic sciences. Then he turned to natural sciences, medicine, philosophy and, critically, to alchemy. His spasmodic search for knowledge brought him to meet through their writings Avicenna, al-Ghazali and al-Suhrawardi.

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