Chairman’s Message
10th Surgical Research and Innovation Ideas Al Baghdadi Symposium 2019

Excellent research needs to be built on a foundation of equally excellent clinical practice, and this is crucial if we are to tackle the increasing burden on healthcare in Qatar. Delivery of the best care is always guided by the latest research breakthroughs as clinical research and treatment are not separate, but symbiotically linked. By integrating clinical care, research and education in HMC’s journey towards achieving a world class ‘Academic Health System’ status, we can build a solid foundation of existing core research facilities and highlight some unique opportunities for Qatar to become a world leader in healthcare delivery.

The Surgical Research and Innovation Ideas series of Symposia was thus conceived - to enable a platform for a strong foundation for perioperative research. The symposium will include a research ideas brain storming workshop on multidisciplinary peri-operative care (Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Perioperative nurses and Allied Health Professionals). It will also include two days of presentations and didactic sessions, and a third day of one-to-one extensive feedback sessions for the presenters.

The aim of the Symposia is to provide a platform for the Principal Investigators to receive a detailed critique and in depth feedback on their projects, so they are then able to amend any existing issues in study designs/methodology/ethics. This will allow them to turn their research ideas into excellent research proposals.

With that goal in mind, it gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you to the 10th Surgical Research and Innovation Ideas Ibn Rushd Symposium.  I hope that you will enjoy the scientific program which will include state-of-the-art lectures by regional and international experts covering current research methodologies and research ethics. The idea is to allow you to gain exposure to the scope of perioperative research being conducted internationally and at HMC, and to network with experts in the field of surgical research. I sincerely hope to enable the stimulation of your interest in conducting research.

Dr. Abdulla Ali Asad Al-Ansari
Chairman of the Organizing Committee 
Acting CMO - HMC
Associate Dean for Clinical Medicine – WCM-Q