Saturday 20 February Day 3: Parallel Sessions

Neurology Track

Session 1: Neuro-ophthalmology and Neuro-otology
1pm to 1.30pm Lecture Eye Movement Disorders: A systemiatic Approach to the Evaluation of Diplopia Dr. Patrick Lavin
1.30pm to 2pm Lecture Neuroradiological Aspects of Diplopia Prof. Bernhard Schuknecht
2pm to 2.30pm Lecture Neuro-ophthalmologist's Approach to Nystagmus Dr. Patrick Lavin
2.30pm to 3pm Lecture Approach to Dizziness and Vertigo in the ED: A Neuro-ophthalmologist's Perspective Dr. Patrick Lavin
3pm to 3.30pm Break
3.30pm to 4pm Discussion
Session 2: Neuromuscular disorders
4pm to 4.30pm Lecture Clinical and Laboratory Approach to a Patient with Suspected Myopathy Dr. M. Alhatou
4.30pm to 5pm Lecture Treatment Options in Myasthenia Gravis Dr. Edward Cupler
5pm to 5.30pm Lecture Treatable Autoimmune Myopathies Dr. M. Alhatou
5.30pm to 6pm Lecture An Approach to Understanding and Treating Diabetic Neuropathy Dr. Osama Elalamy
6pm to 6.30pm Lecture Treatable Neuropathies Dr. Edward Cupler
6.30pm to 7pm Discussion and Closing Remarks