Friday 19 February Day 2: Parallel Sessions

Neurology Track

Session 1: Epilepsy
1pm to 1.30pm Lecture Newest vs Old AEDs Prof. Bassel Abou-Khalil
Dr. Ahmed Beydoun
1.30pm to 2pm Lecture Differential Diagnosis of Epilepsy Dr. Nabil Azar
2pm to 2.30pm Lecture Management of Intractable Epilepsy Dr. Basim Uthman
2.30pm to 3pm Lecture Epilepsy in Qatar: Etiologies, Treatment and Outcome Dr. Naim Haddad
3pm to 3.30pm Lecture Clinical Uncertainty in the Diagnosis of New Onset Paroxysmal Spells Dr. Ahmed Beydoun
3.30pm to 4pm Discussion
Session 2: Multiple sclerosis & other demyelinating disorders
4pm to 4.30pm Lecture Autoimmune Pathology of Multiple Sclerosis: An Update Dr. Patrick Vermersch
4.30pm to 5pm Lecture First-Line Disease Modifying Treatments: when to Start/Stop? Dr. Samia Khoury
5pm to 5.30pm Lecture NMO-Spectrum Disorders: MR Criteria and Differential Diagnosis Prof. Bernhard Schuknecht
5.30pm to 6pm Lecture Disease-Modifying Agents For Multiple Sclerosis: Recent Advances and Future Prospects Dr. Patrick Vermersch
6pm to 6.30pm Lecture NMO-Spectrum Disorders: Diagnosis and Management Dr. Dirk Deleu
6.30pm to 7pm Discussion and closing remarks