Thursday 18 February Day 1: Parallel Sessions

Neurology Track

Session 1: Stroke
1pm to 1.30pm Lecture Atherosclerosis and Cerebrovascular Disease: Can We Slow the Progression of the Disease? Prof. Ashfaq Shuiab
1.30pm to 2pm Lecture Thrombolysis vs Clot Retraction in Acute Stroke Dr. Pablo Garcia
2pm to 2.30pm Lecture Blood Pressure Management in ICH Dr. Khurshid Khan
2.30pm to 3pm Lecture Imaging Burden of Vascular Disease in Patients with TIA and Mild Stroke Prof. Ashfaq Shuiab
3pm to 3.30pm Break
3.30pm to 4pm Discussion
Session 2: Headache
4pm to 4.30pm Lecture Current Strategies in the Management of Acute Migranes Dr. Atlantic D'Souza
4.30pm to 5pm Lecture Migraine Chronification: What's New in Mechanisms and Management? Prof. Jean Schoenen
5pm to 5.30pm Lecture Neuromodulation for Headache: Biological Rationale and Clinical Efficacy Dr. Yasin Makadma
5.30pm to 6pm Lecture New Approaches in Migraine Prevention Prof. Jean Schoenen
6pm to 6.30pm Lecture Nerve Blocks in Headaches Dr. Yasin Makadma
6.30pm to 7pm Discussion and closing remarks