​Stars of Excellence
Research Outcome Delivery; Bronchiolitis
This research project observed and confirmed that administration of oral dexamethasone reduces disease severity and decreases hospital stay for pediatric patients presenting upper respiratory tract infection. The research was performed in collaboration with several international universities and has been published in the international medical journal, PEDIATRICS. 
Q-Stent is the name given to the first cardiac surgical instrument to be developed in Qatar. An HMC designed, developed and implemented this novel device for clinical use in adult and pediatric cardiac surgery. This effort has led to the very first intellectual property filing in the GCC by HMC, and the clinical experience with the successful usage of this device has been presented at international conferences. 
Award of Merit
Cutting Edge of Research in Medical Genetics
The goal of the research projects involved was to further the understanding of genetic components of inherited diseases pertinent to the population of Qatar. Several original studies were translated into clinical care as a result of the research, and the team led two clinical drug trails for MPS type IV. The research has been cited in numerous publications with impact factors up to the 31.