​Star of Excellence
Lighting Power Saving for Better Environment
The Lighting Power Saving for Better Environment project is an innovative green initiative in which the lighting systems of Women’s Hospital were engineered to reduce illumination at night, thereby providing a better ambiance for patients to be able to get a good quality of sleep, while also signaling to visitors that visiting hours had ended. In addition to significant cost savings, the environmental impact has been a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 3,500 kilograms per month. 
Rising Star
Universal Teleconferencing System
The Universal Teleconferencing System project was developed to transform existing computer terminals into a reliable, user-friendly teleconferencing system. Implementation of this system has reduced the need to travel between physical sites within Doha, thereby saving upwards of 30 hours per week of physician travel time and bringing attendance of residents and faculty in meetings to optimum levels. 
Award of Merit
HR Customer Service
The HR Customer Service project was developed to meet the increasing demands for HR services such as housing, immigration, pay and benefits, across all of HMC. Project implementation included recruitment and training of professional customer service staff, creation of a Customer Care Center to act as a one-stop-shop for all HR services, and installation of a modern queuing system and comfortable waiting areas. 
SOGHA Program
The SOGHA program was developed to increase HMC staff satisfaction by negotiating employee discounts with retailers, restaurants and hotels across Qatar and internationally. With hundreds of agreements in place, HMC staff are now entitled to discounts and special offers for such items as electronics and entertainment, home appliances, gifts, flowers, health and beauty services, education, airfare, and much more. 

World of Welcome
The World of Welcome program was designed to ensure all staff have the same foundation of knowledge regarding hospitality in order to create a hospitable healthcare environment for all patients. A highly interactive program, the training includes Q and A sessions, discussions, exercises, syndicate works and role-plays. Since the initial roll out in November 2011, approximately 5,000 staff have attended the training, representing almost 25 percent of HMC employees, with an overall course satisfaction rate of 94 percent.