​Star of Excellence
Implementation of MRI Guided Brachytherapy 
Brachytherapy represents an essential treatment component for cervical cancer. This project’s aim was to successfully improve and reform clinical outcomes and brachytherapy practice at the National Center for Cancer Care and Research including 90 percent rate of complete local tumor response and zero complication rate related to the brachytherapy procedure. 
Rising Star
Pharmacist Managed Anticoagulation Clinic in Qatar
The goal of implementing the first pharmacist managed anticoagulation clinic in Qatar is to offer a standardized process for the individualized assessment, adjustment, monitoring, and education of patients receiving warfarin and other anticoagulants, on an outpatient basis, by a clinical pharmacist. This service was launched in May 2013 and the protocols were accepted by Joint Commission International consultants in March 2014. 

Awards of Merit
Improvement in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
The goal of the project was to build up a world-class bariatric and metabolic surgery service at HMC that will meet the progressively increasing demand for this type of surgery, as morbid obesity and type 2 diabetes have become endemic in Qatar. Though efficient clinical pathways and rapid turnover, the team has seen significant increases in patient volumes while morbidity and mortality rates fall below international reported rates. 

Improving Antibiotic Prophylaxis Compliance
High surgical site infections in coronary artery bypass grafts were one of the top concerns identified in the infection control risk assessment in 2013. One of the four components of care in the prevention of surgical site infections is the appropriate use of prophylactic antibiotics. Through analysis and process changes, the team was able to effect significant improvement in antibiotic prophylaxis compliance.