​Star of Excellence
Baby Friendly Hospital (BFH) Project
Aimed to promote baby and mother health by creating a supportive hospital environment with motivated, educated and skilled staff, where breastfeeding culture is a norm and to fully implement the 10 steps of the baby friendly hospital initiative. Exclusive baby friendly rate during hospital stay increased from 40 percent in 2012 to 82 percent in June 2014. 
Rising Star
Leadership for Change
The Leadership for Change project was developed to help strengthen the leadership and management capacity of nursing in Qatar, with an emphasis on helping Qatari nurses to develop the correct skills in order to lead Qatar’s health system in the future. Though cooperation with the World Health Organization, The Supreme Council of Health and the International Council of Nurses, 13 Qatari nurses graduated from the Leadership for Change Program in 2014.
Awards of Merit
Becoming an ANCC Nurse Education Provider Unit
After two years of intensive preparation, rigorous evaluation and generous support from the Academic Health System, HMC became accredited by the American Nursing Credentialing Center, or ANCC, to provide continuing nurse education. This marks a significant achievement, as HMC is the first Healthcare organization in the GCC and only the third in the Middle East to be awarded ANCC accreditation. ​

Empowerment of Midwives at Women’s Hospital
The goal of this project was to empower midwives to repair episiotomies that are encountered during childbirth. A training program was formulated and implemented in June 2013 that included theory, simulation and training on real life patients under supervision. As of June 2014, 68 percent of midwives in the labor wards have been trained to suture independently, resulting in reduced waiting times and improved patient satisfaction.