Professional Development

Commitment  to develop a cadre of local nursing and midwifery leaders

In line with the commitment to Qatarize key roles across HMC, we are working closely with a group of Qatari nurses and midwives who are advancing their career through achieving appropriate qualifications. This includes academic qualifications as well as relevant practical experience and professional leadership skills. Our aim is to expand the number of national staff year on year who elect to work in this field. 

We have many more Qatari healthcare professionals who have completed their nurse training but have moved into other fields of practice. While they are using their training in different areas, such as 15 Nursing and Midwifery Strategy quality improvement, infection control, education, policy development etc., our aim is to encourage and support those who have completed their nursing and midwifery education to continue working in this great profession.

We want more young Qatari men and women to choose nursing as a career they and their families are proud of and where they feel they will make a difference to the health of the country. We have a steadily growing number of Qatari nurses and midwives practicing at HMC and have a strategic goal to expand this number each year.