Diabetics Advised to Take Precautions When Fasting

People with diabetes are advised to take necessary precautions and consult their doctor or diabetes educator before fasting during Ramadan. Dr Ibrahim Mohammed, Senior Consultant Endocrinology/Diabetes at Hamad Medical Corporation, said diabetics who want to fast during the holy month should obtain an early diabetic assessment and advice on treatment and dietary adjustments... read more

Community-Based Rehabilitation in Qatar: A Success Story

The prospect of living with a debilitating injury or illness can be quite daunting for many, particularly for young people whose capacity not only to engage in their accustomed activities, but also to achieve their life goals, has become restricted by the limitations of their disability. Young adults with spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, stroke, and other neurological disabilities, belong to a sector that represents one of the most challenging fields of rehabilitation in Qatar... read more

Health Precautions Advised During Dust Storms

It is necessary to take basic health and safety precautions during the dusty season in Qatar, an expert on respiratory care from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) said. Dust storms, which come with the onset of spring in Doha and decrease visibility for motorists, also pose health hazards such as sinus allergies and respiratory infections. Dust consists of tiny solid particles floating in the air, which can get past the lungs’ natural defenses and harm sensitive lung tissue. Fine particles of dust can irritate the lungs and trigger allergic reactions or asthma attacks... read more