When you leave

You will be provided with a provisional discharge date on the day of your admission. If you have not been given this date, you can request it.

Just before you leave the hospital you may be handed a general discharge checklist within your medical record file, together with a Discharge Summary. You will also receive any medication you require from the hospital. Your Physician will provide you with any instructions to ensure a smooth transition home and the unit Nurse will arrange for a follow-up appointment if necessary. Taxis can be arranged for your exit from the hospital at the service desk.

Please see the Women’s Hospital Patients and Visitors Guide for specific guidance on discharge after delivery.

Billing procedures

For non-Qatari patients, payment is required upon discharge at the cashier desk. Accepted payment methods are Cash or E-Health Card (only cash is accepted in the Women’s Hospital).

Comments, suggestions or complaints

We welcome comments, suggestions or complaints as they help us to continually strive to provide the best possible care experience for our patients. All HMC hospitals have Patient and Visitors Service Center representatives who can address all your needs with regards to making suggestions, comments or complaints and are located in the Main Lobby of each hospital. Please fill out a comment card if you have any customer care issues and drop this into the designated box within the hospital.