During your stay

When you arrive at any HMC hospital you should report to the Admitting counter at reception. Here you will be issued with an admission card. Once your admission has been processed, you will be accompanied to your room by a member of hospital staff. Friends or relatives are permitted to accompany you on your admission day.

You will be given the opportunity to provide emergency contact details of friends or relatives during your initial nursing assessment on the ward.

Healthcare team

If you have any questions or problems during your stay you should contact your assigned Nurse or healthcare provider who will be happy to address any concerns or queries. Your Doctors or Nurses should discuss all treatments and procedures with you and provide an appropriate explanation. They should also provide you with educational leaflets and information according to your needs.

If you think it is necessary for you to see your medical records, these can be requested. A Patient and Family Handbook is also available within most HMC hospitals with more information about services relevant to patients and visitors.

Inpatient care

You will be asked to provide written consent for certain procedures and diagnostic tests which you may need during your stay. All the necessary information relating to your required treatment, surgery or procedure will be provided, allowing you to make an informed decision about consent. Patients are allowed to refuse treatment or tests, the consequences of refusal will be clearly explained by medical staff.

As all HMC hospitals are teaching hospitals, medical students and researchers make an important contribution to the development and advancement of the hospital. If you do not wish medical students to be part of an element of your care, please notify your assigned Nurse. This is also the case if wish to be omitted from teaching or research programs.

Room allocation

At HMC we strive to provide a restful environment which promotes recovery and wellbeing. Our hospitals offer both common rooms and private rooms. Private room allocation is restricted according to the medical needs and condition of patients.


All HMC hospitals offer TV with cable access and Wi-Fi (soon to be activated in Rumailah and National Center for Cancer Care & Research). Please note that there are no laundry services or facilities on the wards; clean linen and towels will be provided by nursing staff.

Mobile phones are permitted on most wards but there may be restrictions in some units and during some procedures; please check with the hospital you are visiting.


Parking is free of charge for patients and visitors to all HMC hospitals. Designated parking spots for persons with disabilities are located in parking areas closest to the main entrances of each hospital.

Smoking restrictions

As per Qatar Law, smoking is prohibited in all public areas including the wards and all HMC grounds. All hospitals within the HMC are smoke free. This smoking restriction extends to all staff, patients and visitors. Any person(s) smoking in the hospital or on hospital grounds will be asked by security to immediately cease smoking and a fine may be issued.