Hospital Stay Checklist

What to bring for your hospital stay

It is important that you bring relevant documents with you to the hospital and follow any instructions that you have been given, as your admission may be delayed without following this process.

Important documents to bring:

  • Admission Card
  • Valid Health Card
  • Passport/ID copies:
  • Female (married): passport copy plus proof of sponsorship (e.g. husband’s passport/ sponsor letter)
  • Female (unmarried/ minor): copy of guardian/ sponsor’s passport
  • Male: copy of passport or ID
  • Copy of marriage certificate or other marriage document with exemption for single patients
  • Blood donation forms stamped by blood bank (only if scheduled for an elective surgery admission).

Personal Items

To ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible we suggest you bring the following personal items:

  • Two (2) sets of comfortable clothing
  • Soft shoes/ slippers
  • Toiletries (e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hairbrush, deodorant, tissues, feminine hygiene products)
  • Books, magazines, walkman and a small amount of money


If you are taking medication of any kind it is essential that you bring them with you in their original containers and show them to your nurse when you arrive. This is necessary so that your medication history can be checked and allows hospital staff to manage your medications effectively throughout your stay.

It is important to note that you should only take medications which are prescribed by your Physician during your hospital stay.

Items not permitted

To ensure the safety of all our patients we advise that you do not bring the following:

  • Large amounts of money
  • Credit cards
  • Expensive items such as jewelry
  • Carpet and bed linens
  • Large flowers or decorations
We also request that food should only be brought from home under the direction of your Physician/Dietician.