February 2012

HMC, Toronto University Partners in Creating Audiology Professionals, Doha, 27 February

In a major boost to the audiology services at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) 15 medical staff have successfully completed their Diploma in Clinical Audiology offered by HMC in collaboration with International Continuing Health Education Collaborative (ICHEC)-University of Toronto, Canada.

It fulfills the ever growing need for trained clinical audiology technologists and technicians in Qatar.

The successful graduates are now able to serve patients with hearing loss and hearing disorders through the newly acquired skills. They are also trained on helping patients with hearing aid fitting and using auditory verbal therapy for effective communication.

Speaking about the achievement Dr. Khalid Abdul Hadi, Program Director and Head of Audiology and Balance Unit said,” All of us aware that audiology is a rare specialty in Middle East and GCC area. To counter this shortfall we have this diploma program for healthcare professionals from HMC and beyond. Furthermore we bring renowned faculty members from Toronto and Qatar to train selected medical staff in various audiology modalities associated with hearing loss and balance disorders in patients.”

Dr. Hadi stated that this is the second batch of graduates, who will join the earlier graduates in serving the increasing population in Qatar. A third batch of 22 medical professionals including some from other GCC countries, have enrolled for the audiology diploma course this year, he added.

Looking forward HMC is also planning to introduce Doctor of Audiology, which is a new certificate course that is between a Masters Degree and PhD Program. Towards this end it is negotiating with different universities in Britain and United States to make it a reality. It will be offered for senior audiologists and physicians.

“The new programs are part of the continuing medical education initiative and are aimed at capacity building and institutional development at international level. It is in line with senior management goal to focus on healthcare, education and research, which are the three pillars of HMC”, Dr. Khaild Hadi added.

Talking about the existing audiology facilities at HMC, he said that it is already serving patients with hearing loss and balance disorders through National Program for Early Detection of Hearing Loss since 2003 apart from extending specialized services through Hearing Aid lab, Hearing Aid clinic, Cochlear Implant clinic, Auditory verbal therapy unit, baby clinic, and vestibular clinic.

It also has dizzy clinic with Balance Master-for diagnosis and management as well as rehabilitation of dizzy patient apart from a tinnitus clinic.

“We are also planning to open shortly a special centre for vestibular rehabilitation and ototoxicity (damage to ear due to drugs) clinic as well,” Dr. Hadi added.

The graduation ceremony of Diploma in Clinical Audiology was presided over by HMC Managing Director Hanan AL Kuwari, PhD, who also gave away the certificates to the successful graduates. Among those who took part in the event included Dr. Abdul Latif Al Khal-Director of Medical Education, Dr. Amr ElHakeem-Acting Head of ENT Department, Dr. Abdulla Al Ansari-Chairman of Surgery Department, Dr.Arnold Noyek, Director, International Continuing Education, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Ms. Abi Sriharan-Director of ICHEC-University of Toronto, Canada.

Source: Marketing and Public Relations Department

Qatar’s First Cochlear Implant Receiver Mothers’ Gathering, Doha, 26 February 2012

The Audiology and Balance Unit of Hamad Medical Corporation HMC, is hosting, on Monday, 27 February 2012, a gathering for mothers of children who have received cochlear implants or who are waiting to undergo cochlear implant surgery.

This pioneering gathering aims at offering patient mothers the opportunity to exchange expertise and knowledge on how to deal with a child who has received cochlear implant and how to optimize benefits of the surgery.

The gathering will include talks by mothers whose children have experienced the surgery as well as other information.

The gathering will be attended by a team from the Audiology and Balance Unit as well as HMC medical team who perform these surgeries as well as specialists in rehabilitation and foll-up procedures.

The gathering will be held at Hamad Medical City, Building 16, in the conference room (second level) from 09:00am to 12:00pm. The organizing committee, also, invites children who experienced cochlear implant and has arranged special entertainment program for them on this occasion.

The cochlear implant program started at HMC in 2002 whereas and so far 53 cochlear implant procedures have been performed.

Source: Marketing and Public Relations Department

Male Infertility Expert Visits Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, 18 February 2012

The Male Infertility Unit at Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Urology Department recently hosted Professor Edmund Sabanegh, Consultant Urologist and Head of the Male Infertility Center at Cleveland Clinic, USA.

During the one-week visit, which started on 2 February, the expert saw a number of male sterility patients with different causes of sterility, including pathological, surgical and hereditary causes.

Dr. Sabanegh together with the Male Infertility Unit medical team conducted several successful surgical operations to treat infertility in men. The team performing the surgeries also included Dr. Sami Al Said, Dr. Mohamed Arafa and Dr. Haitham Al Bardisi, specialists in Urology and Andrology.

Dr. Sabanegh also delivered a lecture at a symposium entitled New Trends in Male Infertility Treatment, which highlighted the latest medical practices in this field. The symposium was presided over by Dr. Abdulla Al Nuaimi, Consultant Urologist and Chairman of the Urology Department at HMC. The event was held at the Millennium Hotel on 7 February, and was attended by clinicians from HMC as well as private hospitals.

The symposium presented a fruitful opportunity for open discussion among the participants regarding the latest advances in the medical and surgical treatment of male sterility. Dr. Sami Al Said also delivered a lecture on the significant role of the Male Infertility Unit in treating infertility in men, and the high quality services provided by the unit to patients.

Source: Marketing and Public Relations Department

Al Khor Hospital Honors Three High-Performing Staff, Doha, 15 February

Al-Khor Hospital (AKH) has introduced a new employee recognition award program for honoring employees whose spectacular performance favorably contributed to the enhancement of work within their respective sections. The hospital organized its first ceremony to celebrate this event on 9 February.

Salem Al-Shahwani, Assistant Executive Director of AKH; Dr. Hani Al-Kailani, Medical Director of AKH; Najlaa Al-Muhanadi, Assistant Executive Director of Hospitality Department; and Mohamed Al-Musnad of AKH Public Relations attended the ceremony.

The three nominees selected for their distinguished performance are Dr Godwin Justus Wilson, Specialist/Laboratory; Kawthar Abd Enabi, Senior Technical Supervisor/ Pharmacy; and Mary Jyothis Titus, Office Administrator/Administration at the hospital.

The selection of the three honored staff is in recognition of their efforts to raise the standard of performance in their respective sections, and to motivate their peers towards more achievement and career development.

The event was sponsored by Kwader Company.

Source: Marketing and Public Relations Department

HMC Forum Focuses on Treatment of ADHD in Children, Doha, 11 February

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is fully curable with proper medication and behavioral therapy and it is found that 50% of all children are drug independent after treatment, claimed experts at the 2nd Qatar Conference on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which was held at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).

According to medical experts’ early diagnosis and treatment is crucial to the well being of children with ADHD.

In this regard the HMC meet highlighted the important role parents and teachers can play in identifying if the child is suffering from ADHD. Doctors called on parents to approach qualified psychologists for proper assessment of children.

“Once a child is known to have ADHD, we can then find out their strengths and weakness. Then we need to encourage the child’s positive qualities to deal with the social and academic challenges arising out of this disorder,” Dr. Mahmoud Fawzi Othmnan, Consultant Paediatric Neurology at HMC said.

ADHD, which is a psychiatric disorder, affects between five and nine percent of all children worldwide. Some of the behavioral traits associated with ADHD include impulsivity, aggressive behavior and low attention span in students.

It starts appearing in children before the age of six years and affects their academic achievements and social behavior in school and at home.

“This disorder if not treated early can lead to high level of school drop outs among children. It is also found that children with ADHD are highly suspect to substance abuse and smoking,” Dr. Mahmoud added.

He further stated that towards this effort HMC has over the years worked with school teachers, parents and psychologists to offer ADHD support groups to help children.

Qatar is also among the few nations which has worked towards setting up of school guidance clinics. Here the psychologists offer their service regularly to ADHD children in school for a better and brighter academic future for the young generation.

The ADHD conference at HMC this year also focused on updating the scientific knowledge of physicians and psychologists about this disorder. It also gave a chance for over 200 participants to share their experiences and learn more about clinical problem solving and management of ADHD patients.

Source: Marketing and Public Relations Department